Happy New Year’s Eve!

December 31, 2009

I personally hate this night as it is typically amateur’s night out on the town. I am so amazed by the fact that so many people think this day represents so very much and they try so hard to make it “matter.”

So, in typical fashion, my man and I went to our favorite spot for dinner – Mexican Village – and we got our usual dinner order. I get the Veggie Tostada (you must try this!) and he gets some sort of combination meal.  And it was awesome as always. I do love me some Mexican Village.

There may be some drinking involved tonight (in fact I know there will be), and maybe some Wii standoffs, but otherwise it will be life as usual. And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a new beginning but to relish in the fact that the present is so incredible just as it is.

And the dishwasher is working (thanks to my beloved BF) so life could not be better.

Happy New Year to me!


The new year is upon us all so we attempt to better ourselves. My most recent attempt was a portable dishwasher for the new apartment, as the sink is really too small for anyone whose cuisine is outside of the fast food / takeout only realm. So we find a great listing on Craigslist, trek down to what this dude considered to be Echo Park, picked up this monstrosity, and dragged it back to our home (via my POS hatchback) in Hancock Park. Guess what? You guessed right, it turns out that a part is missing. Due to the great price we (and by that I mean my BF) paid I am willing to overlook this minor setback, but dudes think very differently and a few calls to Kenmore and numerous eBay searches later we may well be on our way to automated dish cleansing. This is great for me as I have a love / hate relationship with glassware. On one hand, it has served me well, on the other hand, it was the sole reason I have visited the hospital within at least 10 years. Hand dishwashers beware, that glass can break in your hand at any moment while washing it with reckless abandon and you may possibly end up with 13 stitches yet being lucky enough to have not entirely severed a tendon. Washing dishes is never the same once you have bled onto an ER floor, but this is why I (try) to live by the “i cook you clean” philosophy, but of course this is not always the case. So please whoever it is that attempts to look over me, let me have my dishwasher, soon.

Claus and Spot

December 29, 2009

I know most will likely find this silly, but I am this close to taking my 2 beloved Oranda Goldfish to the Vet. I know you are thinking “they are just stupid fish,” but they kinda mean something to me. I have invested many hours of life into these silly little animals and they deserve more than a toilet bowl funeral. They began as a small procurement (as we both tend to hoard things), but have officially become a part of our family menagerie. I mean, once you have a long conversation with your goldfish, you just can’t look back (they are amazing listeners). I  also feel terrible because I feel that I should have noticed the symptoms of illness earlier (as if one should really know goldfish illness symptoms in the first place). I have googled the living shit out of it and I hope it will all turn out OK. But now I face the possibility that my neglect could ultimately cause the demise of 2 very adorable and very defenseless fish. I am sure that the cats and turtle would totally miss them too…


December 28, 2009

I have to say that I typically am a loner, but I have met some of the most interesting people in the recent year. I mostly never leave this apartment I call home, but classes definitely force me out of my safe place.

So now I must give props to the people that have influenced my life in a somewhat order of importance (and my BF does not count for this as he obviously is the number one influence in my life):

Arlene and her amazing family (plus the newest addition Bella) – thank you so much for everything. I so needed an extended family in La La Land and I think I finally found it. You guys are so the best! And I will always be there if you need my craziness.

Inez + your many last names – I so enjoy our Skype chats and you really are in the top 3 of the strongest, most beautiful, and amazing women I have ever known. Keep on keepin’ on girl! And your boys better recognize how incredible their Mom is.

Cynthia – you seem to flourish in such a shitty world; this perplexes me and motivates me at the same time. You definitely have a greater purpose.

Andre – I am sure we will end up in Pat’s class together again, hopefully. Don’t let her judgments deter you, your work is so great.

Don’t know why I feel like spouting all this gratuitous shit, but I just do so get over it.

Edited (kinda) for anonymity – anyone who doesn’t want their name or likeness portrayed on my blog, you know how to reach me.

Everyday Musings

December 28, 2009

I have decided that I must be an extremely un-something person. I mean I could say uninspired or unmotivated but I do manage to fill my days with cooking, cleaning (every now and then), signing, writing, etc., which are all creative intelligent time fillers that require dedication. And I also actually enjoy all these things plus several other activities. So, what is it that I am missing? If someone actually reads this, please tell me…

Something to Say

December 27, 2009

So, I was talking with one of my few friends here in Lost Angeles (and yes I misspelled it on purpose) and decided that I do have something to say – to myself. I realized that I am writing this only for myself and really no one else. I feel that is a good thing. For some reason I still felt the need to proclaim this to an imaginary group of people who may actually read my ramblings.

To sum it all up, some people need a dog, some people need a blog – no matter what we all have to vent somewhere.

My So-Called Life

December 27, 2009

I don’t have too much to say, as not only am I feeling a bit ill but my life is not so exciting at the moment. The weather is crazy in socal this time of year and it really messes with my allergies and immune system. It’s not that it is so cold as much as the DRASTIC weather changes. When you live in a place where about 9 months of the year is at least 80 degrees, a 20 degree drop and lack of sun will really mess with you.

I have officially applied to volunteer for Deaf Awareness Day at Disneyland and I hope to be accepted, but at the same time I hate to commit to things in the future cuz you never know what will be going on in your life months from the present.

I will begin ASL 3 with the GLAD organization in a few weeks after I visit my BF’s Mom in Phoenix for a few days. I am looking forward to it – his Mom is pretty cool. I know that is a rare occurrence, but I actually like his Mom along with getting the hell outta LA for a short time.

On a side note, our cable company may be losing the FOX network and this is obviously a bad thing (hello – Family Guy?!). A few Satellite companies have already dialed our number in anticipation that we will need them soon. I am not a fan of DirectTV, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I know this sounds like a super pretentious gripe, but once you go HD there’s no going back. I also would like to say that I am perfectly happy even watching shit on my laptop and moved into (via BF) the whole 40 something inch plasma with a DVR. I am not a television elitist but once you experience it, you totally forget your roots.

The Day After

December 26, 2009

I have mixed feelings about December 26th. I mean what are you supposed to do? Christmas is officially over and I for one am not daring enough to brave the crowds for all the sales – too much effort and too much possibility of injury. Who wants to die of a Target trampling? I did take advantage of a few online sales though – $12.99 jeans from Old Navy; can’t beat that, unless the dollar store starts their own fashion line.

So I have decided that this day is kinda like a Christmas hangover. Ate (and maybe drank) too much the night before, so now we all need a little hair of the dog. So indulge in Christmas leftovers (even for breakfast) and finish off that eggnog or whatever your vice may be. Hopefully this will totally eradicate the memory of whatever foolish (and possibly true) things you revealed to family members the night before.

Merry XMAS

December 26, 2009

Generally I am a fan of the whole Christmas thing, but I got a few gripes this year.

My mom really outdid herself (this is not the gripe part) – especially in regards to the gifts for my man, but seeing as how she has never met him I feel this is a very supportive gesture and is very appreciated all around.

My brother has yet to call me back. That is all I have to say about that.

My sister I am refusing to comment on because I know it is not worth it… so much for actually griping, sorry.

That is the extent of the family so I will now move on to the best parts of my Christmas.

I thank whoever every day that I have such a warm and supportive pseudo-family here in the city of angels. My BF supports every decision I make, forgives the dumb decisions I make, and encourages me to be a greater person because that is who I am and he is (in the minds of a select few anyway).

I have never known another person who has really truly believed in me – that may be why I stayed here, not for him but because of him. Now that I am totally off-track I will attempt to reboard the train.

I have been vegetarian for like 15 years but this morning I thoughtfully cooked a turkey breast, stuffing, collard greens (for me), roasted garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy (vegetarian as well as meat-based), cranberry sauce, and a dutch apple pie because I love him, a lot. I know it sounds silly, but watching someone truly enjoy the fruits of your efforts is the greatest thing ever, period. Anyone could’ve eaten that same meal, but I made it and it made him happy in a way only I can – and I don’t think it was the fresh rosemary I added to the stuffing. It is these small things that are often overlooked that should be given much more credit. So please, eat and be merry – this is what it’s all about.


December 25, 2009

The title of my blog is somewhat of a big fat lie; I am far from graceful, but also far from perfection (so that part is totally true). Unfortunately the blog title epitomeofimperfection had been taken. I live in a crazy self-absorbed city that goes by the name of Los Angeles. I do not love or hate it. I do hate the traffic and many of the residents, but I also love the mild winters and 24-hour markets. So LA and I are always in a love/hate limbo. I suppose I should start by telling my own personal story of how I came to live in the wild wild west coast…..

I grew up in VA, but was always looking for a way out. My very first love was moving to GA but I was to stay in VA and finish up the fall semester of community college. One week later my Mom’s house caught on fire and I summoned him back to help deal with things. I am self-sufficient people, but at the time I was only 19. After settling insurance matters and such,  I headed to Atlanta with the love of my life. Don’t worry, this story will take a turn for the worse.

I got into a good private art school and he got a job with the airlines. I was growing and he wanted to stay the same. This is the only time I ever regretted letting go of someone; it still hurts sometimes to think of all the happiness he brought to me, but timing is everything. He wanted things I could never give him – but I hope he knows that I will never forget the impact he had on my life.

Anyways… so now I am in Atlanta and money for school is quickly running dry. I drop out with every intention of going to the state school, but of course I end up bartending at a cool bar/restaurant. During  this time period I meet another guy who quickly becomes one of my closest friends. Yeah, I really was so naive to think that straight men can be your friend.

Fast forward to me never getting back to school and having to move back with my mom in VA. Aforementioned boy had since left Atlanta for Los Angeles and was still in touch, quite intimately. He bought me a ticket to come and visit him, and somehow he managed to convince me to never get back on the plane home.

Fast forward to me realizing that he was an awesome friend but an incredibly terrible boyfriend (despite the great sex). I get a good job and leave him hoping to pave my own way in this shithole of a town.

I lost said job but fortunately I managed to land myself an incredible friend, lover, and partner who supports me no matter what.

Currently I study graphic design and am training to be an ASL interpreter.

Thank you for reading.