Moving Day

January 30, 2010

After many painstaking hours of navigating, importing, exporting, and uploading etc. I now finally have my own blog domain:

Please visit often.



January 29, 2010

I can honestly say that Friday is really just another 10 hours of sunlight to me as I have no true structure in my life. Please do not judge – I have been reinventing myself (for a while now, but whatever). I went to my ASL3 class last night and really feel as though I am making quite a bit of progress in my learnin’. I only have 1 week left before continuing my graphic design studies.

Oh my sweet, sweet vacation where have you gone?

Truly I think that people place too much pressure on days of the week. As if today was named bullshit day would we all just accept and proclaim TGIB? Who decided the work week anyways? I have never worked anywhere that actually held true to the 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule so it is possible that I am jaded and misguided, but like I have said before – this is my blog and I make the rules and am totally allowed to rant at will.

So to those of you who actually respect the idea of Friday, how are you spending this most-coveted evening?

Expectations Part Deux

January 27, 2010

I love my man – I love my sister – I love my brother – I have come to love my Mother. All these relationships took much work.

All that being said, is it so F’n hard to be a friend?!

If you don’t want to utilize my help then at least tell me so I don’t look like a douche. I will stop here before I get nasty…

PS – Bri, you are not included in this post, as I consider you more than family – and yes, I am unmarried and almost 30.

Life Sucks, But Not Really

January 27, 2010

I could go on for days about how crappy shit is here in America, California, and my own home; but then again, I really can’t – at least not in the context of the entire world. I want a house of my own and a great job, yet I also love my humble apartment that I share with my amazing boyfriend and the classes I take to learn and make more of my life , as well as to help others eventually. Point being, we can all find the good in the bad, or not so bad, parts of life.


January 26, 2010

I realize that I cannot top the offensive factor of my posts about the bureaucracy surrounding the Haiti epidemic, but I can always try. I promise that I am not a bad person, just a difficult one. I say enough to get my point across but I think that sometimes I hold back a bit in order to protect myself.

I do not hate Haiti, I hate their governing body. I do not hate America, just several of its citizens as well as a majority of its governing body.

I so do hope that the billion dollars that the US alone has raised will actually help the people of Haiti, but sadly I am also pretty damn sure that it will not.

I am expected from birth to love my country yet also stand up for my own beliefs. So what do I do when these two things collide?

I deleted this earlier today but have decided that I just cannot be untrue to myself…

So I realized that people actually seem more interested in the plight of another country more than their own. Therefore I will give in to your desires and offer you an email I sent to a like-minded individual (at least on the topic of Haiti relief) that I sent recently to the one and only Bubba The Love Sponge who has a radio show somewhere in Florida and also on Sirius Channel Howard 101:

I totally agree that Haiti is a corrupt shit hole and Brangelina ain’t gonna bail that worthless piece of land out no matter how many little black kids they adopt. You know those victims of Haiti won’t see 2 nickels of this celebrity bailout, but the asshole leaders of that waste of a country will be eatin’ nice for a while. Earthquakes suck and all, but so does unemployment and no money for the 2nd rate education we get right here in the US of A. Oh, and in case no one bothered to notice we have quite a few natural disasters ourselves that US residents continue to struggle with. And oh yeah, let us not forget about those towel heads that bomb our planes, sometimes with their own panties. Do we ask Haiti for help? Or anyone else for that matter? Does any other asshole country offer help? Noooo.
These “needy” countries are a dime a dozen and we will soon become one unless we get our tongue out of their asses and our Ben Franklins back in our own wallets. I mean, what have they ever done for us? Not a damn thing.

Addendum – 78 million and counting from America to the leaders of Haiti. Ummm.. don’t we have a deficit? You do the math.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

January 24, 2010

I always wondered the true meaning of this expression / song, and my best guess is that Sunday is like a kiss and a smack. On one hand there are no real responsibilities to deal with on this day. On the other hand, Monday is just hours away. And we all know that Mondays are manic. OK, I promise to stop with the pop culture references – for now at least.

And yes I am aware that U2 had a totally different meaning for this song but I really don’t give a shit.


January 23, 2010

The internet was intended to make us more connected, not less. Yet I feel as though we have all resorted to virtual interactions and cannot be bothered with actually answering our phones or our doors for that matter. We are too busy tweeting and checking the latest update on to actually interact with other human beings in real time. Before youtube there was life people – live it.

And for the record I do love you Perez and very much indulge in your site – I am just trying to make a point.

The Point Of Living

January 21, 2010

No, this is not some long-winded discussion on the purpose of life. I am merely pondering what is one’s motivation. I am encouraged by others, mainly my man, to move forward and live my life to what he may feel is its fullest. Basically, I need that annoying push and encouragement from others to really invest myself into work, school, play, etc. And it makes it all worth it to see the gratification on another’s face when I get that A, or paycheck, or whatever it may be.

So my question is, what is it that makes you do the things you do?

Rain Rain Go Away

January 20, 2010

I do love me some in-climate weather, and I did get my wish for thunder and lightening today, but this rain is no good for Los Angeles. The main reason I say this is due to the fact that no one here knows how to drive in rain and you idiots are causing quite a few car accidents. Please stay home if you are unsure of your ability to navigate during a somewhat mild rain storm. And I am none too happy that my class has been canceled due to the rain. Really?! Rain?! We are not talking gale force winds here people, just rain. So even though I really do enjoy rain and cold weather in an otherwise desert climate, it has officially got on my nerves and I want it to stop. Thank you in advance rain gods.