I Know I am Politically Incorrect – Get Over It

January 25, 2010

I deleted this earlier today but have decided that I just cannot be untrue to myself…

So I realized that people actually seem more interested in the plight of another country more than their own. Therefore I will give in to your desires and offer you an email I sent to a like-minded individual (at least on the topic of Haiti relief) that I sent recently to the one and only Bubba The Love Sponge who has a radio show somewhere in Florida and also on Sirius Channel Howard 101:

I totally agree that Haiti is a corrupt shit hole and Brangelina ain’t gonna bail that worthless piece of land out no matter how many little black kids they adopt. You know those victims of Haiti won’t see 2 nickels of this celebrity bailout, but the asshole leaders of that waste of a country will be eatin’ nice for a while. Earthquakes suck and all, but so does unemployment and no money for the 2nd rate education we get right here in the US of A. Oh, and in case no one bothered to notice we have quite a few natural disasters ourselves that US residents continue to struggle with. And oh yeah, let us not forget about those towel heads that bomb our planes, sometimes with their own panties. Do we ask Haiti for help? Or anyone else for that matter? Does any other asshole country offer help? Noooo.
These “needy” countries are a dime a dozen and we will soon become one unless we get our tongue out of their asses and our Ben Franklins back in our own wallets. I mean, what have they ever done for us? Not a damn thing.

Addendum – 78 million and counting from America to the leaders of Haiti. Ummm.. don’t we have a deficit? You do the math.


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