January 29, 2010

I can honestly say that Friday is really just another 10 hours of sunlight to me as I have no true structure in my life. Please do not judge – I have been reinventing myself (for a while now, but whatever). I went to my ASL3 class last night and really feel as though I am making quite a bit of progress in my learnin’. I only have 1 week left before continuing my graphic design studies.

Oh my sweet, sweet vacation where have you gone?

Truly I think that people place too much pressure on days of the week. As if today was named bullshit day would we all just accept and proclaim TGIB? Who decided the work week anyways? I have never worked anywhere that actually held true to the 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule so it is possible that I am jaded and misguided, but like I have said before – this is my blog and I make the rules and am totally allowed to rant at will.

So to those of you who actually respect the idea of Friday, how are you spending this most-coveted evening?


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