Purple Sky

January 18, 2010

Today has been a little crazy in the sense that it never rains in Los Angeles and today there was quite the downpour. After having a bit of breakfast while watching the slight drizzle on my humble porch, the rain took a tumultuous turn. And seeing as how it hardly rains here in SoCal, my patio has many items not intended to get soaked by pouring rain on it. Cut to me frantically dragging items such as pillows and area rugs and my laptop into the apartment away from the dangerous weather snafu. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good storm, but they are not even interesting here – can I get a little thunder and lightening please? One day I will write about the many hurricane parties I have attended. All I get now is a flooded patio and a city full of people completely incapable of driving in the rain.

On the bright side (sort of), the immense amount of pollution along with the greenhouse effect make for a quite lovely purple sky right after dusk here in Lost Angeles. If only I could see the stars, and by that I don’t mean Keifer Sutherland cuz I could just go to The Dresden Room for that.

And on an even brighter side I braved the roads full of terrible drivers to pick up some things from the market. Dinner was good and I hope the man enjoyed his rarely made New York Strip (some people have to control beef intake for health reasons) topped with my own remoulade sauce, homemade mac & cheese, and the obligatory veggies. My dinner was way boring so I won’t even tell whoever it is that may actually read this what I had – it was healthier and much more vegetarian than his meal though in case you actually care.


Random Thoughts

January 17, 2010

I guess I am just in need of sharing.

I never had too many friends growing up, but I really did latch on to the few I had. Clearly I had “daddy issues” but so do many semi-adult females. I certainly had my share of abusive relationships. Let’s see, I have been strangled, called a dumb bitch on several occasions, literally a man spit in my face, and backhanded. On one hand a person should learn from these types of experiences and embrace the new when one finally finds a person who treats you right, or even acceptably, on the other hand you can never escape. Unfortunately, these experiences cloud your outlook on life. Those experiences haunt you forever; no matter how hard you try, they just never go away. Your cherished high school friends eventually all fade away, but the memories (good and bad) stick with you. And I have always found it sad that people tend to change to the point that I no longer can connect with them, and I certainly cannot connect with them like we did years ago.

So, for any of the 3 great friends and their families (and you know who you are) I had, thank you for being there and I hope all is well.

And I promise to stop being so schizo with my writing, or at least I will try.

For the record I wrote this 3 weeks ago but forgot to post it.


January 17, 2010

While this may sound like the most boring topic for a post, I assure you it is not, I hope. Rain is quite the rare occurrence in Los Angeles and I like to celebrate these few and far between moments. I grew up in hurricane alley, and as much as I don’t miss that place I do miss thunderstorms or really just the unpredictability of weather. I have always figured that the “weather girl” out here doesn’t even have a script (or much of a brain for that matter) – sunny and 70 something degrees for almost the entire year. She sure looks good saying the same thing over and over though – screw weather balloons, we need budget for hair and make up.

Anyways, the point is – wait, I am not sure I actually have one. Regardless, it is just nice to see something other than what I normally see. I suppose that transcends all other facets of life as well.


January 17, 2010

I am not an unfeeling unempathetic person, but I am really disgusted with this issue. OK, you had a natural catastrophe and it sucks but I live in a country that is experiencing its own symptoms of financial demise. I am so sorry for your loss, but if Hollywood has millions of dollars to send to your country why are there homeless and starving people in mine? I just don’t get it; water is cheap and I am sure you got a few million from Angelina Jolie alone. And I am (not) sorry, but take a look around Hollywood big shot actors, we are in a major recession! We need your actor bailout! Unemployment is at an all time high! Just because it seems more philanthropic and better for your “career” to donate money to other countries does not mean you shouldn’t support your own – if it wasn’t for us you would be unemployed too; I am pretty sure there was no screening of Lara Croft Tomb Raider or Mr. and Mrs. Smith in Haiti. You are not self righteous – you are self important. And because you were probably half-assed homeschooled I will explain this concept:

I may give my change to the homeless dude on the street today as I walk out of the market. I do not feel like a better person for this act, but I truly hope it actually helps said needy person in some way. You (as the rich Hollywood elite) adopt or donate or whatever from / to another country (though never in your our own continent it seems) and you feel like a better person for having done that. Overall, this makes you a douche – you give for your own self, not for the recipient. While I understand this behavior, I certainly do not condone it. Look around your regularly isolated frivolous life and please see that if you didn’t require 20 million per film that maybe things could be different, and better here, in America. That being said I will move on…

Rise up people of Haiti and demand more from your own country – we are giving away the support we ourselves need in the neighborhood of 10 million dollars (so far) yet your corrupt government would rather sit high on the caste system than provide aforementioned help.

I found this to support my gripe of the day (thank you Wikipedia):

Political corruption is a common problem in Haiti. The country has consistently ranked as one of the most corrupt nations according to the Corruption Perceptions Index, a measure of perceived political corruption. In 2006, Haiti was ranked as the most corrupt nation out of the 163 that were surveyed for the Index.[4] The International Red Cross reported that Haiti was 155th out of 159 countries in a similar survey of corrupt countries”

“In 2008, Parliament voted to dismiss President Preval’s Prime Minister following severe rioting over food prices.[1] His selected replacement for the post was rejected by Parliament, throwing the country into a prolonged period without a government.[2] Haiti is undergoing a major food crisis as prices for food escalate.”

Please feed your nation and give them water and medical attention Haiti. We have our own problems, we do not need yours. And as bad as this sounds, I refuse to donate because not only am I struggling financially myself, but I am pretty damn sure that my money will only go to funding elaborate dinners for the prime minister and president – as opposed to fresh water and food for the citizens. I am all for helping causes, but I just can’t support this one without handing it out to the deserving people myself (and I cannot afford a plane ticket).


January 16, 2010

Today I went to the best sushi place if you are on a budget in Los Angeles – Noshi Sushi. The fish itself is super fresh and the portions are crazy big. They don’t offer anything shmancy like lobster rolls and only have house saki or Ashahi on the drink menu – just the basics. The price is amazingly cheap and the service is great. My BF is so in love with their spicy tuna roll and I cannot get enough of their yellowtail. We also tried the crab leg roll which turned out to be quite tasty – that is saying a lot coming from someone who grew up on the east coast. In the past I have very much enjoyed the tempura appetizer and my BF also likes the non-sushi entrees such as Terriyaki Chicken. This place is a hidden gem right on 4430 Beverly Blvd. that really does shine every time.

Oh, always ask for ponzu sauce (at any sushi place) – so much better than soy sauce and they usually never charge extra for it.

One of Those Days

January 15, 2010

I know this sounds super lame, but today I was just not sure of how to use the day. I called a few old friends, reviewed things from class, went for a walk, and then nothing. Surely I must make dinner and do a bit of cleaning, but where do I go from there? And yes, I am more upset at asking this question than anything else. Historically I have been a perfectionist workaholic and this “time off” business is really throwing off my game. Someone give me an assignment! or project! something!

Book Learnin’

January 15, 2010

Tonight was my first ASL 3 class at GLAD (Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness). I was quite nervous to begin with, but am now so glad (unintended pun) that I found this opportunity. All the students are really into the class and the teacher is super helpful and sweet. I even saw a familiar face from the monthly Deaf event at Starbuck’s in Pasadena. I so wish I had similar experiences with ASL 1 & 2, though at the same time I wouldn’t wish my old teacher upon my worst enemy. Maybe that is a bit harsh but whatever, he is a creepy unfriendly bastard – get over your divorce already.


January 13, 2010

I officially start continuing my ASL training tomorrow, so I guess that means I have 1 more night before I get into serious mode. That translates into a cocktail on the patio for me along with a well thought out dinner of falafel, hummus, tahinini sauce, the works.  I so love to cook, but when I fail it just breaks my heart. I have made this same recipe many times but tonight it is just not working out, and it makes me sad. I always felt that one of my few saving graces was that I can cook somewhat; I guess not tonight.

In case you were wondering, the Buffalo Chicken Pizza turned out great.

This May Get Ugly

January 11, 2010

When we were in Phoenix, we were asked by a friend to stop by Papago Brewery http://www.papagobrewing.com to pick up a bottle of the native brew and schlep it back to LA – little did we know that this beer came by the half gallon directly from the tap. No worries, we were hungry anyways and this place serves food as well as hundreds of domestic, foreign, microbrew, and their own specialty brand beers – which is why we went there in the first place.

Well I of course had a salad, but the man had a Buffalo Billy’s Chicken Wing Pizza and he absolutely loved it to no end. I personally feel using Texas Pete instead of marinara or pesto is an insult, but you like what you like. Can’t say much for the service besides that it was terrible. Coming from someone who lives in LA, you people really need to step up your game a lot cuz LA is known for extremely bad service; can’t be bothered with customers when you have a casting call in the morning.

Regardless I am attempting to replicate this monstrosity tonight because I love a good challenge and he won’t complain if it sucks. Wish me luck!

And for the record I never intend for this to become a food blog – I just cook a lot.

Home At Last

January 10, 2010

I had (almost) forgotten how loud it is in Los Angeles, though somehow the noise is somewhat comforting. The silence in Scottsdale was nice, but also a bit alarming to someone who lives off a busy street in LA. Not too much exciting happened – I did see the Daybreakers movie and it was pretty good yet I would advise waiting for it to come out on DVD.

I also went to the only vegan restaurant in the quite large city of Phoenix and surrounding area (thank you Rich) named Green http://www.greenvegetarian.com which was quite amazing and better than any veg place I have been to in LA – the 2 carnivores joining me were more than satisfied. And no I am not totally vegan, just a Pescetarian – meaning I only eat fish, veggies, and eggs – who is also allergic to dairy, sounds awesome huh. The dairy issue is why I typically turn to vegan options because many supposed vegetarian options are loaded with cheese or cream or whatever. It usually is fine until I visit a place where meat and potatoes is pretty much your only option.”Ummm, I guess I’ll have the salad.” I actually use to like salad.

We visited his mother and her boyfriend a couple times – that pretty much sums up the trip. Oh, and I got to eat at the only WaHo (Waffle House) I know of in the Pacific Southwest on our way home this morning- Yay! Once you customize your hashbrowns and your waitress has sharpie eyebrows there is no looking back.

On a side note, I love to get away for a while, but I really do miss my homestead. I was more than happy to greet my many pets and cook in my kitchen (try finding vegetarian in Arizona besides Green – thank you again Rich). There is just something about home that is your very own home and I wouldn’t trade my home for anything in the world. Give me the choice of fame, fortune, whatever and I will always pick my humble abode that I share with 2 cats, 2 fish, 1 turtle, and 1 boyfriend.

The tempurpedic bed also helps…